Top 5 Ways to Most Effectively Mix Materials In Your Home

Mix materials in your space to add depth and sophistication.

As you set up your home, you may find that you are drawn to a variety of textiles and materials to use in your living space. Eclectic looks are definitely in style, and professional designers are embracing the mixed materials look. In fact, you can turn your upholstery from a background piece to the star of the show by getting creative with your materials. Here are some tips on how to effectively mix materials in upholstery and elsewhere in your space.

1. Start With a Rug

Rugs can be a single color or they can come in a pattern made up of a variety of colors. If you choose a colorful rug, it now gives you a color palette with which to work. Pull colors from the rug to use in the other pieces in the room. This gives your room a cohesive look while you are mixing materials. The room should look put together and planned, even if it is eclectic.

2. Think About Colors

Part of mixing materials is considering what colors they introduce in the space. The color brown, for example, looks different when it is in leather or corduroy or suede. The material itself gives colors a different look and tone, so you want to make sure the tones work well together, as well as with the other colors in the room. Additionally, you want to pay attention to how much of each color is in the room so as to keep the space looking cohesive; the rule of three is a great tool to use when planning how to utilize color in your space.

3. Consider Patterns

Mixing patterns is part of the eclectic style, in addition to mixing materials. Some patterns go well together and others look too busy. If you are going to mix patterns, try to keep the colors the same or complimentary so that your eye isn’t overwhelmed. Mixing simple patterns with busier ones usually works better than mixing two busy patterns. As you select pillows or mix materials in other ways, make sure to keep your patterned fabrics looking like they belong together.

4. How Bold Do You Want to Go?

When you mix materials, you can pair textiles that have completely different looks to each other, like suede and linen, or you can match up textiles that have more subtle differences. Whichever matching strategy you choose will affect the overall look of your space. If you want a bold look, go for more contrasting materials. If you want a softer effect, choose materials that are closer in look to each other, but different enough to still add interest.

5. Mix Fabrics, Woods, and Metals

For the most interest, think about where you can incorporate wooden or metal elements next to your upholstered and fabric pieces. Mixing these materials together adds depth and sophistication to your space. Try to ensure a cohesive look by repeating materials in different places throughout the room so that the choices look intentional and not haphazard.

Mixing textiles is a way to add interest and texture to your space, and gives you room to exercise your creativity no matter what your taste is. There’s a place for mixed materials in any home! Our experts at Howard’s Upholstery can help you mix and match materials in a way that looks pleasing and that achieves the aesthetic you are going for.

Written by hrosenthal-admin