Getting Your Home Warm-Weather Ready With Summer Design

Summer design is easy to achieve!

Summer is almost here, and you may be interested in making some design changes around your home to embrace the sunny season ahead. The good news is that you can achieve a summery look without investing too much money or time by making some simple fabric updates. You may even be able to use some items you already own. Summer design is easy to achieve if you follow some basic guidelines!

1. Linen or Cotton Fabric

Both linen and cotton are light, breathable materials that enable you to add texture and layers to your furniture and home décor without adding weight. There’s no need to eliminate throw blankets, for example, when the weather cranks up the heat. A linen or cotton throw blanket will look great on your couch or your bed and won’t make you feel sweaty just looking at it. Cotton or linen slipcovers on your couches are another way to bring summery fabrics into your home while also protecting your couches.

2. Lighter Bedding

Whether you use a comforter or a duvet within a cover, you want to swap out that down or down-alternative for a lighter weight fabric like cotton. Your sheets can also affect your temperature at night. During the summer months, you want to use cotton, linen, or even bamboo sheets to wick moisture away and keep you cool at night. There’s little worse than tossing and turning all night from overheating!

3. Curtains

Curtains play an important role in keeping your home cool during the summer. You might be inclined to use sheer curtains, but be careful; sheer curtains let in the warm sun rays, which can raise the temperature in your home. Sheer is a great look for summer, though, and can be incorporated over a thin blackout curtain that can help insulate your home against the heat. Using temperature-controlling drapes has the added benefit of reducing the amount of energy your air conditioning needs to put out to keep your home cool. Layering sheer curtains on top adds interest to your summer design.

4. Light or Bright Colors

Summer has a variety of color schemes, giving you the space to find colors that suit your vibe and still fit within the summertime theme. Pastels are a popular summer design choice, as are some brighter, island-themed colors like peach and turquoise. You don’t have to go overboard changing everything in your home to fit a new color scheme. Adding a few choice accents in some strategic places and putting away some other accents in the wrong color scheme can go a long way to creating a whole new look in your space. Slipcovers on your couches can also create a big change with little effort on your part.

5. Get Rid of Clutter

This may seem like it belongs in a different kind of list (maybe a list about staying organized), but a neat home helps create a more airy, spacious feel and a more relaxed ambiance, which is definitely something you want to capitalize on during the summer. Clutter also prevents air from flowing freely around your space. The more airflow you can bring to your home, the more comfortable your home will feel. While it’s a good idea to keep your home neat all year long, the warmer months especially benefit from a clutter-free space.

At Howard’s Upholstery, we can create custom fabrics and upholstery for your home to give you the ambiance you are trying to create. We will work closely with you so that you end up with a space you love and enjoy being in. Reach out to us to help you create that perfect summer design in your home!

Written by hrosenthal-admin