Benefits Of Plastic Slipcovers

Plastic slipcovers are not just a nostalgic throwback. The many benefits of plastic slipcovers make them a great choice for modern homeowners.Plastic slipcovers are often viewed as a nostalgic throwback and a symbol of a simpler time in American history. Many of us have childhood memories of visiting parents and grandparents and sitting on their cool plastic-adorned couches and chairs. Some, like the Tenement Museum, have even gone as far as describing plastic slipcovers as “a common denominator of 1960s and 1970s American family life and identity” that united Americans of diverse ethnic backgrounds. However, with all of the nostalgia surrounding plastic slipcovers, it is easy to forget that these staples of mid-20th-century decor are still relevant and useful today for modern homeowners.

Plastic Slipcovers Protect Your Furniture

First and foremost, one of the most important benefits of plastic slipcovers is that they are a great way to protect your furniture. Utilizing plastic slipcovers in your home will allow you to protect your furniture from every force that threatens it. They protect your furniture from spills, stains, pet-related damage, UV rays, dust, bacteria, bed bugs, young children, human contact, wear and tear, and more. The protection afforded by using plastic slipcovers on your furniture will keep it in mint condition for years to come and greatly extend its lifespan.

Plastic Slipcovers Are Easy To Clean

Another one of the great benefits of plastic slipcovers is that they are very easy to clean when compared with unprotected furniture, or even cloth slipcovers. Plastic slipcovers can be cleaned by simply wiping them down with a damp cloth. You do not even have to remove them from your furniture to clean a spot of dirt or debris off of them, though this is also an option. Additionally, plastic slipcovers are often machine washable, which gives you even more options for easily cleaning them. They are easy to clean with gentle cleansers or soap and water–make sure not to use chemical cleaners or bleach. 

Plastic Slipcovers Will Save You Money

Plastic slipcovers are a great way to save money on furniture. As we mentioned above, utilizing plastic slipcovers to protect your furniture greatly extends its lifespan. Extending the usable lifespan of your furniture can help save you money because purchasing plastic slipcovers is much cheaper than replacing entire pieces of furniture. Even high-quality custom plastic slipcovers, like those produced by Howard’s Upholstery, can save you money in this way. The financial benefits of plastic slipcovers should not be overlooked.

Plastic Slip Covers Allow You To Customize Your Furniture 

The final major benefit of plastic slipcovers is that they allow you to customize your furniture without replacing it altogether. Plastic slipcovers can be created in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. The aesthetic flexibility of plastic slipcovers means that they can be matched with any décor sensibility or the personal taste of any person. On the other hand, if you like the look of your furniture as it is but just want to make sure it’s protected, you can opt for clear plastic slipcovers so that your furniture’s upholstery is both visible and safe from damage. 

Enjoy All Of The Benefits Of Plastic Slipcovers With A Custom Order From Howard’s Upholstery

Howard’s Upholstery has a large selection of custom plastic and fabric slipcover options available. Contact us to learn more about how you can get custom slipcovers today! 

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