Benefits Of Table Pads: What You Need To Know

If you are interested in acquiring table pads to protect and beautify your dining room table, look no further than the wonderful custom table pads produced by Howard's Upholstery.

Are you worried about ruining your table? You should be. Few joys in this world are more simple and wholesome than gathering around the dining room table with your loved ones to share a meal. It makes sense that many people put a large investment into their dining room table or pass down beloved antique tables through the generations.

However, wooden dining room tables are vulnerable to multitudes of threats like scratches, spills, water damage, heat, and more. This leads some people never to use their beloved tables, but what is the point of a table that is never used? Tables are built to be furniture, not untouchable art pieces. Thankfully, there is a solution that will allow you to use your dining room table while keeping it protected: table pads. There are many benefits to table pads, and if you don’t already use them, read on to find out why you should!

The Benefits of Table Pads

Preventing Scratches: One of The Most Important Benefits Of Table Pads

One of the most important benefits of table pads is that they will protect your table against scratches. Whether your child is doing homework in the dining room or your spouse is setting the table for your next meal, the risk of accidentally scratching the table is high if no pads are protecting it. Placing table pads on your table provides an indispensable buffer between its surface and the forces of scratch damage. Do not ruin the value and beauty of your table by allowing it to be scratched. Protect it with a custom-made table pad from Howard’s Upholstery today.

Protect Your Table Against Water Damage & Food Stains

Another one of the many benefits of table pads is that they protect your table from spills. If you are sitting at your table drinking a glass of water and it spills, you can seriously damage your table. The risk of you or a loved one spilling water, sauce, condiments, beverages, or food during meals is an even more ever-present danger to the beauty and value of your beloved table. Yes, some spills can be cleaned up, but the risk of permanently staining your table or exposing it to water damage should not be underestimated. By using table pads, you and your family will be able to use your table without worrying about spills. Table pads do not only protect your table, they also protect your piece of mind. 

Protection For Your Table Against Heat Damage 

Table pads also protect your table against heat. If you place a hot pot on your unprotected wooden table, it will likely leave an unsightly burn mark, destroying the beauty and resale value of your table. One of the great benefits of table pads is that they protect your table from heat, allowing you to worry less about the implications of placing hot pots, dishes, and mugs on your table before and during meals. Only by using table pads can you protect your table from this threat while also being able to use it without worry and constant vigilance. 

Beautify Or Update Your Table

The benefits of table pads go beyond simply protecting your table. Table pads can also be used to redefine your entire dining room by changing the look of your table. Perhaps you are learning about the benefits of table pads too late and your current dining room table is already stained, burned, and damaged. If you are in that predicament, you can use table pads to hide that damage and restore the lost elegance of your dining area. You can also utilize table pads to simply update the decor of your dining room, even if your table is still in good condition. Table pads are available in many colors and you can make a selection to match any aesthetic preference. Beautiful custom table pads created by Howard’s Upholstery are simply a great way to beautify any home. 

An Easy Solution

Finally, perhaps the most convenient benefit of table pads is how easy they are to use. Every  Howard’s Upholstery table pad is custom-made to fit your particular table’s size and shape. Our table pads also are equipped with a fastening system that will hold them in place without marking or scratching your furniture (which would, of course, defeat the point of the table pads). Table pads are an easy way to protect your table and beautify your home without going through a lot of hassle or expense. 

Experience The Benefits of Table Pads With Howard’s Upholstery

If you are interested in acquiring table pads to protect and beautify your dining room table, look no further than the wonderful custom table pads produced by Howard’s Upholstery. Reach out today!

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