Change the Look of Your Space with New Custom Drapes

Are you looking to change up the look of a room in your home? An easy way to have a big impact is to update your window drapes. There are several components to think about when considering new drapes. You want to pick a color that works with the look you’re going for, a fabric to have the effect you desire, and the appropriate length for your space. You also want to consider how high above your window you will hang the drapes.

Color: The 60-30-10 Rule

When considering drapery color, think about the other colors in the room. An old home design guideline regarding color is called the “60-30-10” rule–basically that your room should be made up of a main color (taking up 60% of the room), a secondary color (taking up 30% of the room), and an accent color (taking up 10% of the room). Following this rule provides a balance of color in your home, which helps the people within your home feel centered and comfortable. Window drapes are often made up of the secondary color in the room. However, that doesn’t mean your drapes have to stick to just one color. Bold patterns and prints are in style and can incorporate one or even two accent colors along with your secondary color. Or you can break the 60-30-10 rule entirely and go with a color or pattern you love that still coordinates with the colors of the overall room.


Window drapes come in wide range of fabrics, each one creating a different mood or effect in your space. Traditional fabrics like velvets, silks, and damasks will always be in style for those desiring to create a luxurious feel. For a more modern look, natural fibers like bamboo and hemp are popular, as well as organic cotton and linen fabrics. Additionally, metallics have made a big comeback in home design. You can incorporate metallics into your decor as threads running through your draperies or by using metal curtain rods.

You also want to think about how much light comes into your room on an average day. Are you looking to block out light completely? Do you want to filter the light with curtains that are more sheer? Blackout curtains are popular in bedrooms, especially in the summer when the sun sets late and rises early. In a living room or family room, you might want to filter the light rather than block it out so your room gets some natural sunlight while still remaining cool.


Drapes come in a range of lengths and you have to measure your space before deciding how long your drapes need to be. As a rule, you want your drapes to at least hit the floor. The exception is in a kitchen or bathroom, where you will probably want drapes that just hit the sill. Elsewhere in your home, drapes that come a few inches above the floor will look slightly off, like pants or sleeves that are a bit too short. Drapes that just hit the floor look neat and tailored, and are a practical choice if you will be opening and closing them frequently. Drapes that pool a few inches along the ground are the most stylish, but they also require more maintenance as they tend to get dusty and may also be a tripping hazard. They work best on drapes that are mostly decorative.

You also may want added length on your drapes so you can hang them higher above your window. Drapes that are hung halfway between the top of your window frame and your ceiling make the room look taller, which makes your overall space seem bigger. Another trick is to hang your curtains wider than your window frame, which allows more light to come in through your windows and makes your room seem more stately.

Style Your Own Drapes

Window drapes are a simple way to completely change the style of a room. At Howard’s Upholstery, we design custom drapes in your desired color, fabric, length, and width to perfectly fit your space. Come visit our workshop in Brooklyn, NY and let us help you achieve the exact look you’ve been dreaming of for your home!


Written by hrosenthal-admin