Four Ways to Use Fabrics For a Cozy Kitchen

You may not think of your kitchen as a cozy space in your house, but why not? It’s considered the heart of the home, and wouldn’t you want the heart of your home to be a cozy, comfortable space? Fabrics and upholstery are traditionally thought of as living room materials due to their ease of staining and impracticality in a room like a kitchen. These days, however, many materials are water- and stain-resistant, making them easier to use in a high-traffic space that runs the risk of splatter or spills. Check out these ways to incorporate fabrics into your cooking and eating space for the ultimate cozy kitchen.

Window Treatments

Have you ever tried to make coffee while blinding sunlight bursts into your kitchen? You definitely want window treatments on your kitchen windows, even if they face the more private back area of your property. Drapes, valences, and roman shades are all soft window treatment options that have the potential to up the cozy factor in your kitchen. Window shades in your kitchen don’t have to look vintage, either. You can totally give your windows a modern yet cozy vibe with your choice of fabrics, colors, and patterns.

Table Linens

Fabric placemats and a runner down the center of your kitchen table can elevate the place where you eat day-to-day meals with your family, making it cozy and inviting. Table linens are an easy and inexpensive way to add whimsy, elegance, or bold accents to your kitchen space, and you can change them out whenever you like! Many table linens are spill-proof and stain resistant, so you don’t have to worry about food messes and spills–especially when eating with children.

Upholstered Chairs

Yes, you can have upholstered chairs around your kitchen table! There are a variety of ways to add upholstery, from fully upholstered chairs to just upholstered seats and upholstered barstools. You can even have an upholstered bench! Like with table linens, there are many upholstery options that are stain resistant and easy to clean. Upholstered seating can really brighten your kitchen space and add cozy, cushiony comfort to your eating space.


Slipcovers are not just for couches! You can add slipcovers to your kitchen chairs to change up their look anytime you want, as well as to protect the wood or upholstery underneath. Slipcovers are a great way to add festivity to your kitchen look during the holiday season, too!

At Howard’s Upholstery, we can help you create your cozy kitchen by adding upholstery wherever you want it! We are able to customize pieces for you as well as create custom furniture so you truly have a personal touch in your kitchen space.

Written by hrosenthal-admin