Customize Your Bedroom with Unique Bedding

Are you tired of your bedroom décor? It’s probably one of the rooms in your home that you spend the most time in, so it’s understandable to feel like giving your boudoir a facelift every once in a while. However, that can get a little pricy. One easy way to give your bedroom a makeover without spending tons of money is to update and experiment with your bedding. Here are five unique things that Howards Upholstery could do to transform your bedroom with our custom bedding services, without having to knock down any walls or open a single can of paint!

Custom Made BeddingNew Bedspread

The easiest way to make a big impact on your bedroom is to change out your bedspread for an all-new design. Howards Upholstery can transform your bedroom with a new custom look. All you have to do is decide on a style, color or theme, and we’ll help you choose the right fabric from our thousands of options.

Seasonal Comforter

Are you wondering what the difference is between a bedspread and a comforter? A comforter is a little heavier than a bedspread, offering a bit more warmth than you might get with a bedspread. Why not change out your bedspread for a comforter during the winter months? Having two options on hand is an easy way to spice up the style in your bedroom and adapt your level of comfort as the seasons change.

Bed Skirts

Lots of people opt to skip the bed skirt, and we admit that a lot of styles and designs you might find in a home goods store are outdated and a little drab. But a bed skirt that not only complements your room’s décor, but also has the proper functionality can make a big difference when it comes to the grand appearance of your bed. A bed frame with screws sticking out isn’t pretty to look at – not to mention the suitcases and other stored items you have shoved under your bed for lack of a better storage space. A sturdy bed skirt that won’t wrinkle can help refresh your room’s look, hide the storage clutter and give your bed a stately and impressive feel.

Throw Pillows

Don’t underestimate the power of a good throw pillow! Whether you’re looking for comfy ones or ones that are simply there for decoration, throw pillows can go a long way towards transforming a room. If you have a bedspread design that emphasizes darker colors, changing out your throw pillows can totally change the vibe in your room. You can even design a few different styles to keep on hand, and swap them in and out as you please!

Sitting Area

For those of you lucky enough to have enough space in your room to have a little sitting area, consider doing a full re-upholster of your furniture. We can take tired, hand-me-down love seats, couches or chairs from drab and cheap to brand new and exciting! All it takes is a few measurements, a trip to our store, and a fabric selection to breathe new life into old furniture.

If you’re unimpressed with your bedroom, make some changes today! Howards Upholstery can help you transform your blah bedroom into an inviting, enticing and relaxing oasis that you’ll love walking into each night. To learn more or to get started with custom bedding or re-upholstery, call us today at 718-680-3535.

Written by hrosenthal-admin