Does Your Home Feel Old?

Retro FurnitureSometimes it feels that our homes are stuck in time or, better yet, that they’re relics from a bygone era and as we walk from room to room, there are dozens of dust clouds following us; it might even feel like an ecological disaster. While it can be a great thing if your house is resonating with an organized sense of vintage-ness, it is counterproductive and frankly unhealthy if your home and pieces of furniture are old and decaying-looking and we’re not just talking about how they look, but also how they feel – and that’s probably the most important part of it all.

If the things in your home feel “old” or “decayed,” chances are you will feel old and decayed too – and your health will naturally suffer because of it. The biggest threat, it seems, to our health is the homes that we live in, so it must be of prime importance for us to ensure that our homes are breathing healthy, positive life into us every second – and the only way to make this a reality is to improve them, either by upholstery or other techniques.

At Howards Upholstery, we take pride in redoing your homes by redoing your pieces of furniture, because that means we’re also redoing your lives. In some way, it seems like we’re your life coach and while that may seem weird, it does make sense; so much of your life revolves around the time you spend indoors and that means you develop intimate relationships with your pieces of furniture. It should be a healthy relationship, don’t you think?

Written by hrosenthal-admin