Fall Home Décor Trends

When modern furniture was just being introduced as a new thing into the homes of traditional families, one style was the only way to go. There were multiple styles to choose from, but your home always had to be just one style. Today, however we see people changing the style and look of their homes from room to room and sometimes season to season. This is what led to new styles and looks appearing with each new season in any area of fashion, because what you wore last week does not need to be the same thing you wore this week.

So here are a few of the fall home décor trends for 2014.

8017304_STouch of Nature

The bits of nature and the outside scenery have been making an appearance with homes this fall. This includes things like wooden sculptures, or something more exotic like giving your furniture a fabric look that is reminiscent of metals like silver. You can also just head in a direction of trying earthy, stone like, or metallic colors throughout a room to get a similar nature feeling.

617900_STouch of Light

Of course no room décor is complete without the lighting, and the majority of high-end lighting has been pointing to more geometric light fixtures and unusual textures. Light fixtures are also seeing pierced metal pieces, which provide a unique handcrafted look to some of your lights. As for chandeliers, hanging glass or glass pendants floating from the light fixtures have become more common, bringing in a floating flapper dress kind of style from the 1950s.

Of all things for lights though, playing with more than just the base white and yellow colors has been a common theme lately, mostly colors in line with the rest of the nature-y style, such as greens and browns.

9151219_STouch of Rustic

Although the rustic wedding style has been falling away from the high trends, it certainly it jumping into the home trends lately. Common 19th century design styles are re-emerging with new takes on them. Tables, side tables, and even coffee tables with metal legs are becoming more common, and even some chairs. While tribal and paw or pet print styles have appeared for accessories like pillows or rugs in the home. Sculptured art, and carved pieces go in line with the rustic look as well, which has made them a particular favorite over paintings previously.

But like always, just because there is a new trend, doesn’t mean you have to follow it. Decorate your home the way you want. That is what truly matters.

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Written by hrosenthal-admin