Expert Guide to Fall Redecorating

fall redecorating

As the fall season rolls around, you may want to breathe new life into your home. Whether you’re looking for a major change, such as a new piece of furniture, or something minor, just a gentle cleaning, we know that you don’t have to splurge to create something beautiful. There are so many decorating trends on the market, but each homeowner always has a vision for their own room. In order to help you create the home of your dreams, we created this guide of things for you to consider when redecorating for the fall. 


Cleaning shouldn’t be reserved for the spring! No matter how expensive or beautiful your pieces of furniture or draperies are, if they’re stained or dusty, your whole home will appear dingier and less comfortable. Spot or general cleaning are great ways to make your pieces feel refreshed without having the price tag associated with getting a brand-new item. Whether or not you’re planning on fall redecorating, cleaning for the fall is a must-do. 

Refinish or Repair Your Furniture 

Like cleaning, when your wood furniture begins accumulating scratches or dents, or even has broken parts, it can create a poor impression of your home. An easy way to restore your pieces instead of tossing them is to get them repaired or refinished. There are several wood finish sprays you can purchase online or even at your local store, but for pieces with more wear and tear or that are more valuable, consider having an expert complete the project. 

Consider New Window Treatments

A thoughtfully done window can make all the difference in a room. With big-box stores, the window treatments that arrive may not be perfectly sized to your specific dimensions and while it may not seem to be a huge design factor, a poorly sized window treatment can make a room feel cramped or even shorter. Consider remeasuring your windows or invest in custom draperies. For the fall, we tend to notice that most homeowners want their spaces to feel cozier and inviting. This atmosphere can easily be achieved by using heavier fabrics in deeper shades. However, the options really are limitless. 

If you want something that stands out more, valances, cornices, swags, and jabots are great options as well. These may seem like strange words, but they all refer to more ornate styles of window treatments that can elevate your home appearance. By putting a unique touch on your drapes, guests often notice and unconsciously appreciate the additional effort. 

Introduce an Area Rug

Like drapes, rugs can serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. It can make a room much warmer, which is perfect for the colder seasons, than just bare wood or tile floors but it can also serve as a design statement. As many research studies have found, warmer homes are also better for your health — especially if you have young children or elderly parents in your home. Whether you want one in a solid color or print, rugs can change the atmosphere of a room even if little else is altered. 

Having a beautifully designed room can make you enjoy your home more. We also know that what works for spring and summer may seem out of place during the colder seasons. If you’re looking to revamp your home with any of the recommended design tips for fall redecorating, we at Howard’s Upholstery have years of experience in helping customers tailor custom made pieces that match that style and needs. If you want a home that you’re proud of, we’d love to help make it happen. Contact us today.

Written by hrosenthal-admin