Get a New Look That’s All Your Own!

Redoing and updating your home can come at a hefty price tag, especially when you have to replace flooring and repaint. But if you’re sick of your space and not quite ready to bite the bullet on a huge redesign budget, why not start with some small changes that can really make your room feel like a whole new space? Or, if you’ve already completed the renovation and aren’t willing to spend a ton of money on new furniture, why not repurpose the stuff you already have?

Here at Howards Upholstery, we’re committed to providing our customers with excellent furniture repair, restoration and even full new designs for clients in the tri-state area. We know that a good reupholstery job can go a long way towards making an old, outdated piece look brand new and stylish.

When you’re looking to update a space in your home, you probably have an idea in your head about how it should look, but might have trouble finding the right furniture to fit into your plan for the room. Well, take a look at the stuff you already own: not only will re-upholstering and re-purposing old pieces save you a ton of money, but you’ll have complete control in the design department, making sure that your reinvented look is exactly what you had in mind.

Want something shiny and metallic, but in a specific shape? No problem! Want a green velvet couch that actually looks cool? Done! All you have to do is provide the base piece for us to work on and your design vision, and we’ll deliver exactly what you need to complete your space.

If you’re a keeper of antiques, it can get tiring to constantly have to look at the same old fabric that your great-grandmother decided to cover that loveseat in. Well, a little change in upholstery will bring your dreary antique right into the 21st century, without sacrificing any of the classic and unique design details that the piece already has to offer.

Looking for something entirely unique? We can help there too. Our custom furniture fabrication services can take your custom measurements, stain and fabric preferences and wood choice and fabricate an entirely new and unique item for you in our shop.

Come in or call us and let’s get started on making your room look exactly the way you want. Give us a call at 718-680-3535 today and let us know what you’re looking for, and let’s work together to find the perfect design plan for you.

Written by howardr-admin