How Will You Upholster Your Holiday Season?

Old Couch against White WallThe thing about the holidays is that they feel so cookie cutter these days, meaning that there is not much difference between your house and the one next door or the one down the street. The decorations tend to be similar, if not completely the same. For a holiday that boasts the togetherness of the family, Christmas nowadays doesn’t really promote the uniqueness of that togetherness. That is a mistake.

Sure, the holidays are about togetherness, but they’re also about thanking the people around you for the things that makes them special. If the decorations or furniture in your house don’t stand out, you’re doing something wrong. Now, more any time of the year perhaps, is the time to stand out. What makes your cheerfulness unique and different?

The quickest way to make your home stand out is through your furniture (and decorations around this time of the year), but that doesn’t mean you need furniture that costs a lot of money, but rather take the pieces you already own and get them updated. This is perfect for any furniture you may have inherited from your family. Remember the holidays should be about togetherness AND uniqueness. Cindy Dampier of the Chicago Tribune gets it.

She writes, “But what about the place where many Americans spend another 20-odd hours each week – watching TV from the friendly confines of that living room anchor, the sofa? If you haven’t stopped to consider yours lately, take a look at where you’re sitting.”

Okay, she is challenging you to evaluate your surroundings. Do they stand out? Let’s rephrase that: Does your furniture stand out in a GOOD way? Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to spice up your furniture. Dampier continues, “The way we buy sofas is changing, as trends toward customization of even basic brands continue to evolve and grow.”

In this Pinterest and Instagram culture we live in, customization is a surefire way to stand out and it is a surefire way to get the most of the holiday season. Do you want traditional, classic, or modern? The same way we can change up our furniture is the same way we can change up our holiday traditions. What is your customization? In other words, how will you upholster your holiday season?

Written by hrosenthal-admin