Lego Furniture in Your Homes

We all remember Legos as a kid or maybe your children played with them. They have come a long way from what many of us remember. The Lego sets you come across in stores are intense, almost like you’re designing and building a city of the future. Each set is loaded with complexities like some kind of textbook or kit from engineering graduate school. What an evolution! Legos have also taken over popular culture. Having a hit movie popular with kids and adults alike helps with that and with a sequel on the way, it seems there’s stopping the momentum of the Lego Empire.

Now it seems that we’ll be able to use Legos to decorate the insides of our homes, which for some of us is a dream come true, as discussed in this Digital Trends article. It’s about time to let your imaginations run wild!

Jenny McGrath writes, “The modular plastic blocks have been used as the building blocks for walls and structures, but they also work pretty well for Lego-style furniture. Arnon Rosan created the stacking blocks that fit together much as the toy does. Line up the block with the “lugs” of the one below and push down to connect them. It’s best to stagger the blocks instead of stacking them directly on top of one another, and you can reinforce with dowels or support rods.”

Pretty soon, we’ll be seeing homes loaded front to back with Lego furniture. Maybe that means we can truly let our imaginations go wild, exhibit the same enthusiasm we had as little ones putting blocks together and apply that to our homes. Wouldn’t that make adulthood that much better?

Written by hrosenthal-admin