3 Simple, Effective Ways To Combine Luxury and Minimalism in Your Home

It’s always important to keep track of where new trends in home decor are heading. From Victorian style drapings to lace bed skirts, we always think we’ve seen it all. That is, until the next home decorating movement comes along. Lately, images of brightly-lit, airy living spaces have dominated catalogs and the Internet in the name of minimalism. If you’re looking to add touches of luxury to a minimalistic space, we have the right tips for you.

What is Minimalism?

Several years ago, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-Up took the world by storm and further fueled an already existing movement of decluttering. According to author Marie Kondo, material items that do not “spark joy” must go. Studies have shown that a trove of meaningful and memorable experiences provide greater long-term happiness than material goods. Many young adults and working professionals have since adopted this attitude.

For this very reason, reducing clutter and freeing up space have been top priorities for those looking to decorate or remodel their homes. Not only are minimalistic living spaces chic and sophisticated, but they are also easier to maintain and allow more light and air to filter through. The ever-growing generation of new homeowners looks to achieve this atmosphere in their homes.

How Can I Incorporate a Touch of Luxury?

Fortunately, minimalism does not mean reverting back to the Stone Age. We all like a little bit of luxury. There are many ways to create an open, airy space with elements of subtle luxury. The final effect will be a home of understated elegance that guests and family will love.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter.

The first step to achieving a simple yet sophisticated space is organizing the small things that keep getting in the way. This means letters, keys, loose change, coasters, pens, chargers, and, yes, bottles of nail polish. Without a system of organization, these small items grow scattered and will easily clutter tables and desks. Clearing these items does not mean throwing them out (unless you decide that you’re better off tossing them). Consider getting small storage containers or other organizational tools. Move items out of the open and into designated places.

Use Neutral Colors.

Minimalism tends to conjure up images of bleached-out living rooms that appear cold and unnatural. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. Justly so, white is a fan favorite because of its compatibility with other colors and its brightening and refreshing qualities. If you do opt for a mostly white color scheme, feel free to add bright accents, such as cushions or vases. Try to avoid too many colors or colors that clash. For accessories, classic minimalistic shades like beige, grey, or navy are equally popular and create a soothing yet refined atmosphere.

Invest in High-Quality Furniture Pieces.

As intuitive as this sounds, the best trick for a simply-furnished space is to avoid an overabundance of furniture. Too many pieces can make a perfectly spacious area appear cluttered and small. However, with fewer pieces to work with, the key is to invest in versatile, long-lasting pieces. Opt for clean lines, durable materials, and shades that are easy to match with other colors.

If nothing on the market quite suits what you’re envisioning for your home, get custom-made furniture and have it designed specifically for you! Howard’s Upholstery is a Brooklyn-based company with over four decades of experience working with high-quality interior design. You can choose from huge selections of wood and fabric for your custom pieces. Before you know it, your elegant and luxurious home can become a reality.

Written by hrosenthal-admin