Onsite Upholstery Cleaning: A Sustainable Way to Give Your Home a New, Fresh look

In our homes, beloved pieces of furniture and curtains become worn quite quickly. Whether it’s from Fido taking a nap on the couch, kids spilling apple juice on the upholstered chair, or dust accumulating on the curtains, you may wonder how on earth you can get your space back into tip-top shape. You may consider completely revamping your rooms and buying brand new pieces. However, from the time spent transporting hefty furniture or waiting for the delivery to come, as well as the environmental impact of tossing a perfectly good piece of furniture that’s gotten a bit dull into the landfill, the cost of buying new furniture may be greater than you predict. An economically feasible and sustainable way to give your home a new fresh look is on-site drapery and upholstery cleaning! 

Why Shouldn’t I Try DIY Upholstery Cleaning?

Think about it: how many hours do you spend lying on that sofa every week or how many years has that drape set been protecting your windows? Pieces endure a lot of wear and tear during a lifetime and it’s not as simple to clean them as washing a coat. Some elbow grease and household soap tend not to be the best solution. 

Cleaning upholstery and drapes can be difficult to approach based on the type of fabric or the extent of the stain damage. Variable stains and fabrics require different types of cleaner. You may be more likely to cause more distress to the piece by using the wrong materials or handling it incorrectly. Some store-bought household cleaners or homemade remedies also contain toxins that can be inhaled and cause headaches or respiratory problems. Also, depending on the size of the piece, such as a loveseat or L-shaped couch, it may be more worth investing in the services of a professional cleaner to save you time and effort and lend you peace of mind. 

What Are the Benefits of Upholstery and Drapery Cleaning? 

In the short term, cleaning a piece is an easy way to restore it to its former vitality and ensure that it’s free from allergens and other pollutants as well as unsightly stains. Furthermore, having experts come into your home to clean your furniture and drapes eliminates the guesswork and stress of trying to figure out how to handle tricky materials or maneuver around fancy trimming. Also, cleaning often comes at a fraction of the price than buying new replacements would cost! 

For many families, a special couch can be a focal point of a room or a sentimental fixture, especially if it’s been passed down. In the long run, regular cleaning is a good maintenance practice that ensures your favorite pieces and drapes are around for years to come.

If you’re interested in having your upholstery and drapery cleaned for that much-needed summer freshness, contact Howard’s Upholstery for more information. Satisfied clients have praised our efficiency and performance, so you can rest easy knowing that your pieces are well taken care of. In addition, we offer scotch guard after our cleanings for another layer of furniture protection! 

Written by hrosenthal-admin