Refresh and Protect Your Furniture with Slip Covers

When it comes to your furniture, you do whatever you can to protect it. Some things are unavoidable, though, and after a while, most furnishings begin to fade or become stained. To help protect your furniture and help extend the life of your couches or chairs, it might be a good idea to invest in slip covers for your furnishings.

Slip CoversProtect from Spills

Slip covers can serve multiple purposes for the furniture in our homes, with one of the most common benefits being protection from stains. A slip cover covers the whole piece of furniture that it’s used with.  This means that if any food or drink spills on it, the cover would absorb it instead. Plastic lined covers keep liquids from seeping through, allowing your slip cover to act as a coat of armor for the upholstered furniture that keeps the original fabric stain free.

Old Furniture, New Look

Another good use for slip covers is to make older furniture look better. Couches and their fabrics fade after a long period of use or may just even feature a pattern that falls out of style, turning some of them into an eyesore. Even though it may not look great, your comfortable couch is still sturdy and reliable, so you don’t want to go out and buy a new one when your current couch still suits you. Instead, you can order a new slip cover and give your furniture a brand new color and look, making it like having brand new furniture at a fraction of the cost – plus all the same comfort you’re already used to.

Redecorate, Not Replace

Some people love to redecorate their homes and those who do tend to do it quite regularly. Unfortunately, the color scheme they decide on might not match their furniture, leaving them in a conundrum. Instead of going out and purchasing all new furniture, you could simply buy a bunch of slip covers to suit any color change that you might want to make. Like changing your living room theme for the holidays or as the seasons change? With different slip covers, you can swap in and out different designs, colors and patterns to best fit the décor that you have planned.

If you are in need quality furniture slip covers for your furniture, Howard’s Upholstery in New York City has got you covered. Our experienced team will work with you to find or create a perfect-fitting slip cover that meets the specific style, size and shape needs of your furniture. For more information on our slip covers or our other available services, call us today at 718-680-3535!

Written by hrosenthal-admin