Slipcovers Guide

We have created this slipcovers guide to help our customers pick the right slipcovers for their needs.Are you looking for a way to protect your furniture from stains while keeping it looking beautiful and still being able to use it? Do you want your furnishings to match your evolving tastes and needs without taking the expensive and environmentally damaging step of replacing them all? There is a useful but underrated product that can help you achieve both of those goals: slipcovers. 

Slipcovers are removable, fitted covers that are secured around pieces of upholstered furniture to protect them and/or change their appearance. They look great on chairs, couches, futons, recliners, and more. Slipcovers come in many different fabrics and styles, and when deployed correctly, they can both beautify and protect your furniture. There are two main factors that you should keep in mind while shopping for slipcovers: material and design. We have created this slipcovers guide to help our customers pick the right slipcovers for their needs. 

Slipcovers Guide, Part 1: Finding The Right Slipcover Material

Slipcovers can be made in a diverse range of materials, including cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester blends, microfiber, faux leather, wool, linen, acrylic, rayon, and even silk. Each of these materials comes with its strengths and weaknesses. For instance, cotton slipcovers are comfortable, beautiful, and often machine-washable, but they can also become easily stained and wrinkled. Polyester slipcovers are durable, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to clean, but they attract more pet hair than slipcovers made from natural, low-static fabrics. 

You may also enjoy the look of a certain material, appreciate that a material matches your existing furniture, or be attracted to a material’s affordability. You will need to pick a material for your slipcovers based on your own aesthetic, economic, and practical needs. The experienced team at Howard’s Upholstery can work with you to find the best slipcover material for your needs. 

Slipcovers Guide, Part 2: Finding The Right Slipcover Style 

Custom slipcovers measured to fit your specific furniture pieces are likely the best choice when thinking about aesthetics and quality. While ready-made slipcovers may be more economical, they are designed without knowledge of the dimensions of your specific pieces of furniture, which means they may not fit perfectly. 

Due to the fact that custom-made slipcovers are made precisely for your furniture, they conform snugly to your furniture’s shape and include covers for each seat and back cushion. Custom slipcovers can also be made with additional flourishes, like contrast piping, to accentuate the beauty of your furniture. When you buy a custom-made slipcover, you can often work directly with the designers to choose the exact color, texture, and material you are looking for.

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