Stay Cozy this Winter with Custom Bedding

Custom Bedding With the winds of winter blowing outside of your house, it’s certainly great to be inside. But the best part about winter? Curling up under your cozy covers and drifting off to sleep or spending a blustery day staying toasty and warm in bed.

Of course, every bed needs bedding, but why should you purchase custom bedding instead of just some off-the-shelf sheets or blankets? Well, to start, trying to match colors to your specific color scheme or your curtains can be a pain. With custom bedding, you will know exactly what you are getting – bedding that’s truly one of a kind. You’ll also get a higher quality product than a standard set that comes out of a bag. Your bedding will last for years in comparison to the generic store-bought bedding.

When you get custom bedding, you’ll also know that it fits perfectly, made to your specifications and measurements. There will be no hassle of bringing the bedding home, finding out it does not fit and then having to bring it back to the store. With many variations in bed styles today, including pillow tops and memory foam mattresses that can make mattresses as thick as nearly two feet or as thin as just a few inches. But with custom bedding from Howard’s Upholstery, you’ll get custom-made sheets designed to fit your bed perfectly.

Custom bedding can also include bed skirts, duvet covers, spreads or throws. With thousands of fabric styles, colors, patterns and designs, we can find an option to satisfy anyone. We even have down comforters to stick into your brand new duvet covers, giving you the soft, warm and luxurious bed you’ve always wanted!

At the end of the day, your bedroom is your place to decompress and relax, so you should feel completely at ease and comfortable. A bedroom should reflect you and your original sense of style, and with custom bedding from Howard’s Upholstery, you can give your bedroom a look that’s as unique as you are.

Are you interested in getting custom bedding for your bedroom? Call us today at 718-680-3535 to schedule a free in-home consultation to discuss your options with one of Howards Upholstery’s experts.