Summer Is All about Upholstery

It has been often said that upholstery and reupholstery projects increase in the spring and summer. Maybe the warmer temperatures and crisper air bring out an unexpected upholstery enthusiasm out of the brain. Or maybe it’s as simple as a case of ‘more relaxation equals more creativity.’ Or maybe spring-cleaning fever is a real thing and people are looking for ways to cleanse and improve their lives, inside and out, in every which way, and that includes reupholstering the pieces of furniture around your home. Sometimes it’s the easiest and most affordable way to feel rejuvenated, because hey, your pieces of furniture are extensions of you.

So yeah, upholstery or reupholstery is often associated with perfection and rejuvenation. In this Wall Street Journal article, Emilie Irving, owner of Xenomania, an antique ethnic textiles, jewelry, and costume shop in New York City, describes the perfect summer dress as something akin to upholstery. She writes, “Invariably, I would match someone’s upholstery or tablecloth.”

While she may be speaking in jest, that the search for the perfect summer dress will often drive you mad and make you look like a dining room table at some summer cocktail party, her use of the term suggests that she sees rejuvenation of some kind when it comes to upholstery and that’s what we at Howards Upholstery Inc. can offer you.

Although we don’t do summer dresses, we will help reimagine and reconfigure your pieces of furniture so that you feel a bit more refreshed as you head into warmer days. Contact us today for more details!


Written by hrosenthal-admin