The Secret Art of Hand Tufting

Upholstery, like anything that is grounded in aesthetics and pleasure, is often affected by clothes. Looking up upholstery trends on the Internet every now and again and you’re greeted by trends as vicious and vivacious as fashion and food. One such trend that is really shaking the upholstery world is something called hand tufting and yes it is something that has been referred to as, “The buttoned-down look popular with bankers is a welcome detail when it comes to upholstery.”

Hand tufting is a serious craft and not many people can do it. Forget machines, because they can’t do it either. The trick to hand tufting is patience and skill and it can be argued that one of those two things is in short supply of these days. I’m talking about patience of course.  Tufters, needless to say, are a rare breed, almost like an endangered animal. You hardly ever see them and when you do you should really treasure it for the rest of your life.

You might be asking yourself, what is tufting? Well, nowadays tufting involves buttons and “they must be attached one at a time and tied with a one-way slip knot to prevent them from coming loose or pulling out. Once the tuft is folded into place by hand, the buttons are tightened, creating depth. Manufacturers have recently begun using contrasting buttons and thread to add a colorful dimension to the centuries-old-practice.”

Tufting has adapted into modern day, after being around for years, and it’s exciting as an upholsterer to see this wonderful art in action!


Written by hrosenthal-admin