This Summer Breathe New Life into Your Furniture

Summer is here…finally, and with it, comes a renewed vigor – sure spring is nice, always being referred to as a time of rejuvenation – I mean, that’s why there are things like spring cleaning – but sometimes it feels like spring is just a sham, meaning that it’s like the minor leagues, merely a practice space for rejuvenation. Summer is when the rejuvenation truly starts and the first thing you should start rejuvenating is the furniture around the house.

No, no – we’re talking about getting rid of whatever you got and buying new pieces of furniture. We’re talking about dazzling up what you already got. In other words, there should be no castaways in the rooms of your home. It’s special when you breathe new life into your pieces of furniture. It’s like you’re giving it a second lease on life. No matter the type of furniture – whether it’s a run-down chair or cast-away couch, no piece of furniture is truly lost; each piece of furniture can be saved.

Take, for example, Judi Kirby of Bluffton. Her and her husband enjoy breathing life into pieces of furniture. In their minds, the uglier the better. She writes, “My husband and I are big fans of flea markets and auction. I also enjoy looking at something in a catalog or online and telling myself, “I can do that.” Then it’s off on the hunt (which my husband loves) to find the perfect piece for him to take apart and for me to put back together. Last month we finished two projects: a sofa and chair.”

See? That’s the beauty of upholstery. It allows us the chance to breathe new life into older pieces of furniture. If only life was as easy! Contact us today and let’s breathe some new life into the rooms of your home!

Written by hrosenthal-admin