Tips for Cleaning Wood Furniture

Professional Furniture RefinishingWhether you have antique furniture in your home or you just purchased a brand new set, we know you want to keep it as clean as possible. While the specifics of how to clean furniture can vary from piece to piece, there are a few general things you should keep in mind. You can use the following tips to help keep your wood furniture clean and looking new.

It is important to determine whether your furniture has a wax or varnish finish before attempting to clean it. If you can keep the finish clean you won’t have to worry about doing much else. Cleaning a varnish or wax finish is actually simpler than it may sound. You can get the job done in a few minutes by adding a bit of water and lemon oil to a cloth or rag. Rubbing this cloth over your furniture will remove any dust and debris, and it can leave the surface looking shiny and fresh.

Another easy way to clean your wood furniture is by removing any wax that has built up on or around its hinges. However, simply rubbing a cloth over this wax won’t always be enough to get rid of it. Instead, you may have to scrub the hinges with a soap pad. Afterwards, you can use a cloth to shine the hinges.

In addition to cleaning the furniture’s wood, you may also be interested in touching up its old paint job. Chipped or cracked paint can make a piece of wood furniture look much older than it actually is, but sometimes repainting it isn’t an option. Instead, you can wash a painted area with standard dishwashing soap in order to get rid of dust and make the paint seem brighter.

By following these tips you can keep your wood furniture in top shape for years to come!

Written by hrosenthal-admin