Upholstery Is Cool

Furniture Maker in StudioFurniture has always been an essential part of our lives. How else can you furnish your home or living space?

Without furniture, you wouldn’t have anything to sit on or relax in. Your home would be like a heart without the body around it. It seems like a lot of people purchase furniture out of necessity and that’s okay, but some appreciate the aesthetic strengths of certain pieces and will change up their living space every year. That is why furniture has been as trendy as it has ever been, with people looking to Pinterest and Instagram for the latest “cool” pieces. Because of social media, furniture oozes coolness – but that’s not all, people who make furniture, who work with their hands, are suddenly all the rage. We can thank actress/comedian Amy Schumer for that; she has a new beau and he’s a custom furniture maker!

Allison P. Davis of New York Magazine writes, “Now, Amy Schumer could have decided to date Bill Hader or Idris Elba, and it still might not have elicited the same excitement as regular guy Ben Hanisch, for Ben Hanisch, 29, is a “custom furniture maker” – in fact, as a People headline tells us, he is a “Handsome Furniture Maker,” which is currently the ideal profession for fantasy boyfriends.”

Carpenters and furniture makers are an interesting people, but now the spotlight is shining on them and their craft. Perhaps it is the whole working with hands thing, calluses glowing in the moonlight, or maybe it is that smell of lumber and forest reminding us of a more peaceful, serene time. Deep down furniture symbolizes our desire to relax and be one with the world around us. Why do you think so much furniture tries to imitate the outdoors? We have the desire to be a part of something bigger and maybe, just maybe, the desire to have a carpenter boyfriend is a reflection of this.

Hmm…we might be blowing it out of proportion. Whatever the case may be, furniture and furniture makers are the epitome of cool right now and that includes upholstery, which makes us at Howard’s Upholstery very happy.

Written by hrosenthal-admin