Window Treatments Can Improve Energy Efficiency

Fall and winter will soon be upon us, and that means people all across the country will be flipping on their furnaces and doing what they can to keep their homes warm. Most will also be doing what they can to make sure the heat doesn’t escape their homes either. One way to make sure your home keeps the heat this fall and winter is by adding window treatments.

Custom Window TreatmentsPane windows in your home are direct routes for heat to escape. In fact, they are such an easy way for air to escape that inefficient windows account for 25 to 40 percent of extra heating and cooling costs a year, says the Access Energy Cooperative. Windows are part of the problem, but poor sealing or caulking around windows can also allow heat to escape as well.

Using high-quality and energy-efficient window treatments, you can lower the amount of heat that can exit your home. This is because window treatments serve as an additional layer of insulation directly in front of the window that helps to trap cool air near the wall and keeps warm air circulating inside of your home instead of next to – and through – windows.

The type of treatment you use depends on a variety of factors, including the direction the windows are facing and the type of windows you have. For example, if your windows face the sun for a majority of the day, you may want something easier to open and close to get the benefit of the warming sunlight during the day.

Now not everyone knows what treatments would work best in their homes, but we can help. As experts in custom window treatments, Howard’s Upholstery helps clients throughout New York City find options that are right for them. With our years of experience, we can create the best window treatments for your home. For more information, call us today at 718-680-3535!

Written by hrosenthal-admin