Why Wooden Furniture Is So Beloved

Wooden Furniture

There’s something special about wood. Even our ancestors seemed to have clearly understood that. It can build fires, be sharpened into utensils or weapons, and be used to build homes, boats, and furniture. To this very day, it is still one of the most popular choices for furniture, construction, and wall paneling. If you find that you yourself love all things wooden, read on to find out why wooden furniture is so popular.


This might be a no-brainer, but wooden furniture has been a fan favorite simply because it looks good. Wood brings people and guests back to nature, giving the room an organic, down-to-earth feel. It also has tremendous variety in shades, ranging from a rich, mahogany to a faint beige. Deep-colored, rich wood brings a sense of refinement and dignity to any room, while light-colored wood feels inviting, airy, and can open up a corner of your living space immediately. When crafted by a skilled artisan, wood is the perfect base for a timeless, well-constructed, and sturdy piece of furniture.


Like the trees that it comes from, wood is inherently strong and durable. When considering longevity and long-lasting endurance, wooden furniture offers excellent value in the long run. The strength of a solidly-constructed wooden piece also keeps you from having to maintain your piece often. The simple and easy steps of waxing, polishing, and oiling need only be done intermittently.


In terms of aesthetic style, there’s no debate over the versatility of wood. Whether your home décor is largely modern, rustic, or cozy, wood can fit any interior design. A light-colored wooden dining table can complement a minimalistic design plan. A medium, red-toned coffee table can beautifully balance out a woodsy, rustic decor. A darker-hued dresser can be a regal standalone piece and can add a touch of elegance to your home instantly.

Stress Reduction

A 2006 study by the Society of Wood Science and Technology found that most people respond to wood in an extremely positive way. Researchers consistently found a strong belief that the use of wood can help to create healthful environments. Commonly used words to describe rooms furnished with wood include “warm,” “comfortable,” “relaxing,” “natural,” and “inviting.” All of these emotions have been shown in other studies to reduce stress, anxiety, and even recovery times in hospitals.


When done right, wooden furniture is one of the most ecologically responsible choices you can make for your home. Responsibly sourced wood is actually the only renewable building material around. Compared to other building materials, the carbon footprint of processing and producing wood furniture products is significantly lower.

The longevity of the material reduces the risk of having to purchase new furniture every new years. Even if you choose to get new furniture, the durability of wood enables you to give your wooden furniture away to friends or family, further reducing your carbon footprint.

Furthermore, purchasing wooden furniture opens up doors for you to support local artisans. A skilled furniture manufacturer, such as Howard’s Upholstery, will be able to custom design and build wooden furniture, from scratch, with high-quality materials to your exact specifications.

Written by hrosenthal-admin