Home Textile and Color Trends for 2023

As difficult as it is to believe, the winter of 2022 is upon us. We find ourselves looking ahead to 2023 with great anticipation. We have all spent a lot more of our time at home since 2020 and, because of that, we’ve had a great deal of time to contemplate our surroundings. Howard’s Upholstery in Brooklyn, New York, is always researching the latest trends in home decorating textiles and colors. 


The upcoming home textile and color trends for 2023 with regard to home furnishing is very optimistic. There are four basic color palettes that will be important as we enter the new year. Some of the up and coming color palette trends for 2023 are known as: Empowered Identity, Hyper Nature, Beyond Identity, and Deep Nature. Trends are important for us to be aware of, but they don’t necessarily mean they will work for everyone. Howard’s Upholstery will always help our customers who want to be on top of the new and upcoming trends, but knowing that they don’t work for everyone means that we will always work hard to ensure our clients are comfortable in their environment.

Textile and Color Trends



  1. The color palette most connected to the need to try new things and effect change is known as Empowered Identity. This is the most bold of the home  color trends for 2023. This palette includes colors like  bold blue, gold, red, orange, as well as bold prints for fabrics. Empowered Identity incorporates recycled and up-cycled fabrics, embroidered applique, and chunky woolen weaves.


Nature Meets Digitalization


  1. The fusing of digitalization and nature brings us to the next color palette trend, which is Hyper Nature. This color palette emphasizes the idea that sustainability is at the forefront as we move forward in increasing the longevity of our planet. This color palette includes different green tones, deep blue, light brown, and a lighter apricot to reflect this message.




  1. Beyond Identity represents the next trending color palette for 2023. This trend possesses a range of pastels, showing that sustainability doesn’t necessarily have to be “earthy”. This trend is being marketed to a younger consumer, and showcases flowing textiles, as well as billowy shapes. Colors in this palette include pinks, blues, grays, and a light brown to enhance that flowing mindset.


Rebalancing our Ecosystem


  1. The last of the color and textile trends for 2023 is Deep Nature. This is an on-going trend and, therefore, more familiar to the consumer. This trend goes back to our ecosystem, which is translated into modern and upbeat coloration. This trend is all about attempting to rebalance nature and our environment. Some of the textiles included in this 2023 trend are eelgrass, which has the ability to regenerate and is biodegradable, and fungi mycelium. The colors in this color palette are very rich and deep. They encompass a  deep burgundy, as well as various shades of brown and black.


Home décor trends of 2023 are geared towards the integration of nature and technology. The emphasis will be placed on attempting to correct the damage done to our ecosystem over the past several centuries, and the natural progression of balancing human innovation and nature. Here at Howard’s Reupholstery, we are always on top of the upcoming trends in home textile and décor. We are available to discuss how you can incorporate these new and ever-changing trends into your home.






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