How To Update Your Home Without Buying Anything

Update your home without buying anything by adding throw pillows you already own!

We’re in the midst of spring, and as the weather gets warmer, people start wanting to update their homes for the new season. It can get pricey to buy new things for your home every few months! Luckily, there are some great ways to update your home without buying anything new, so let’s jump right in!

1. Shop Your Home

You likely have some great décor and furniture already in your home. If you walk around to your different rooms, you might be inspired to move items from one room to another in order to create a new look. Smaller décor items might seem like clutter in one space, but add whimsy or character to a different room in your home. A desk or dresser might be unused or misused in one space and put to better use somewhere else, where they also add new dimension and function. Shopping your home is an easy and free way to really change things up!

2. Switch Out Throws

If you’ve been collecting throw blankets, pillows, and pillow covers over time, there’s no need to keep buying new ones. Rotate your throws between the seasons, and even mix and match them for an entirely new look. You’ll be surprised by how fresh and inviting the throws you already own can be when you haven’t seen them in a few months, or when you pair them in different and creative ways. And by using items you already own, you will certainly be updating your home without buying anything new!

3. Rearrange Your Drapes

Sometimes it can be fun to go a little nuts and think outside the box. Try switching your drapes from one room to another and see how they change the space. You may hate them (in which case it’s easy to switch them back), but you may be inspired by the new dimension they add to a room you thought you had all figured out. This works especially well if you have a similar color scheme throughout your home. Sometimes a new perspective helps bring out even more creativity and inspiration going forward!

4. Clean Your Furniture, Fabrics, and Upholstery

You may not realize it, but your couches, drapes, and rugs might be tired looking because they’re dusty and dirty. We get used to the way these things look over time and don’t always realize the buildup of dirt, but a good cleaning will bring vibrancy back to the colors and a richness to the item itself. You can clean your upholstery on your own or hire professionals. The advantage of hiring professionals is they have all the appropriate equipment and will do an extremely thorough job, plus you won’t need to spend the time it takes to clean everything.

Though it does cost money to hire professionals, the cost is less than if you were buying new things. You want to update your home without buying anything? You may not be able to get away with spending zero dollars, but you can certainly significantly minimize the amount you spend–and the amount you throw away–by cleaning what you already have.

At Howard’s Upholstery, we provide thorough on-site cleaning services so your furniture looks bright and new again. You’ll be amazed at how much life we can bring back to your items just by cleaning them! Our experts are also happy to help you with all your other furniture and upholstery needs!

Written by hrosenthal-admin