The Benefits of Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

Cleaning upholstered furniture

Spring is nearly here and you may be getting into the mood for some spring cleaning. An important part of a thorough home clean is cleaning your furniture, especially those pieces that are upholstered. Though you may think you can just run your vacuum over your couches and spray your curtains with some air freshener, the reality is that this is only an illusion of cleaning and won’t provide you with the full benefits of thoroughly cleaned upholstery. Read on to learn more about the benefits of cleaning upholstered furniture.


Upholstered furniture can harbor all sorts of dust and germs that you can’t see or may not notice, and that may be causing discomfort or even harm to people living in your home. Anyone with allergies or asthma will breathe in the tiny dust particles collected within your cushions and that can exacerbate their condition. Additionally, mold and fungus can grow, making even the healthiest people in your home not feel well. You may not even realize how negatively your upholstered furniture is affecting you until you have it cleaned!


You may think your upholstered furniture has seen better days and is on its last legs, but that’s often not the case! No need to curb that furniture! With a proper, thorough cleaning, you can bring your upholstery back to life and keep it out of landfills. 


We already mentioned how cleaning your upholstery can rejuvenate it and give it a longer life in your home. Not only does this mean your furniture will be kept out of landfills, but it also means it doesn’t need to be replaced! It costs significantly less money to have your furniture professionally cleaned than it does to totally replace it. Save your money and clean your furniture so you can continue to enjoy it for many more years!

At Howard’s Upholstery, we have extensive experience cleaning upholstered furniture made of all kinds of materials. We use safe cleaning agents so your upholstery can continue to last in excellent condition, no matter what fabric it is. Contact us to learn more about our cleaning process and how we can help you take the best care of your furniture pieces!

Written by hrosenthal-admin