Distressing Your Furniture and Telling a Story

When it comes to furniture, there are a variety of trends that go on at the same time, some of which gain more popularity than others. A recent trend that has been gaining some popularity is distressing furniture. If you’re not familiar, this basically means taking a new or relatively modern piece of furniture and making it look old. But how and why do people do this? We’re here to take a closer look!

There’s a grandeur to having older furniture in your house and we’re not talking about unkempt, dusty furniture, but the pieces that exude a kind of old world charm. Such pieces get us feeling all warm and bubbly on the inside, as if we’re intoxicated on better days. It’s nice to have pieces of furniture tell a story, as opposed to having them look manufactured and the same. While you may not have stories about the pieces of furniture, the pieces of furniture certainly do. Such distressed furniture will become the centerpieces of your home.

According to this HGTV article, here are some of the more popular pieces of distressed furniture: milk-painted nightstand, mantel décor, shabby chic porch, vintage chandelier, entryway furniture, rustic headboard, distressed metal, kitchen cabinetry, porch ceiling, eclectic chest of drawers, bathroom vanity, coastal-style cabinet, cottage-style nightstand, elegant sideboard, dining room table and chairs, and kitchen cabinet.

We have most of the pieces already in our homes, so why not distress them? After all, we find people who have a past interesting; the same holds true for furniture, so let’s give them stories.

Written by hrosenthal-admin