Furniture Summer Camp

7159839_SHere at Howard’s Upholstery, we love to hear stories about the creative reuse of furniture pieces. Fabricating or renovating furniture pieces involves a number of skills practiced by artisans from all over the world. Fixing up an old furniture piece isn’t just environmentally friendly; it can also be a great opportunity to uniquely express yourself.

Look at this article published by The Tampa Tribune that discusses a summer camp in the Tampa area with programming focused on cleaning and dressing up used furniture pieces. Kids attending a summer camp held at Corbett Prep, a local school, are using donated paints to breathe new life into furniture pieces that have also been donated to the camp.

Camp organizers are happy to give these camp kids a fun activity to keep them busy that also teaches them about sustainability and how important it is to find ways to reuse products. Many of these children are young, enrolled in elementary school levels between third and sixth grade, giving them an early life lesson in environmental friendliness.

Many of these furniture pieces ended up becoming canvases upon which these children created some very personal images. One girl created a teal princess chair featuring a pink cushion and sparkles. Another painted a series of hearts around the top of a table that she planned to bring home to use in her playroom.

Giving kids a way to be productive and stay occupied during the summers while they’re away from school is a noble cause. Going the extra mile by giving them an appreciation for creating a piece of art, which can be used practically, teaches them the work ethic necessary to complete a project.

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Written by hrosenthal-admin