Interior Design Trends for 2016

Metal FurnitureThe New Year is here, 2016, and we hope that you had a great end to 2015, that your holidays were full of friends, family, and love. Now that we are in the New Year, it is time to focus on improving yourself, inside and out, meditating on what resolutions you will pursue. One way to improve yourself, your wellbeing, is to focus on your home, redesigning the various rooms. Think of it this way: How will you reupholster your life? Thankfully, this is the time when the most opinioned interior designers decide on the top design trends.

According to The Wall Street Journal, five top decorating trends will be shaping America’s homes from coast to coast: Black metals, rounded furniture, old world ornamentation, Mexican midcentury modernism, and Scandinavian flat weaves. Before you are carried away coming up with mental blueprints of how your living room will look in a couple months, there are five trends that you should stay far away from, what’s out for 2016. They are rosy metallic, facets, the industrial look, oppressive midcentury modernism, and sisal and jute.

So, avoid anything that is rosy metallic or risk being heckled by interior design fashionistas. Instead, think of armoring the inside of your home in black metals. David A. Keeps writes, “No longer sidelined as the metal for overwrought outdoor furniture or bed frames, the decidedly unflashy material is appearing as simple hardware, bathroom fixtures and even flatware.” It is almost as if you are bringing the hardened look of the outside world into the heart of your home, maybe a reflection of yourself as a person. Maybe black metals suggest a person that will persevere in the face of adversity, someone possessing a steely resolve that will carry you through the year.

Despite studies and statistics, the average America underestimates the importance of feeling proud and comfortable with your furniture and your home. It is a reflection of you, which is why interior design trends are so important. No better do we at Howards’s Upholstery see this than in Brooklyn!

Written by hrosenthal-admin