Taking Advantage of Natural Light in Your Home

Natural light in home

With winter upon us, the long dark days are here to stay! It is important to maintain our mental health for the next several months. To achieve our best selves this year, it is vital that we take advantage of any natural light inside of your home. Due to the lack of natural light, depression can start to form and linger. To ease this stress and boost our mood, it is important to ensure there’s enough “lightness” inside your home to get you through these dark months. Here are a few tips on how to take advantage of the natural light in your home! 

Furniture Placement

By strategically placing your furniture, you can maximize the natural light in your home. If you have a chair, table or couch blocking a window, move them out of the way to reveal more natural light in the room. You can also relocate your home decorations by placing one of your mirrors across from a window. This will cause the light to reflect off the mirror, bringing in as much light as possible. Trust us in that you will definitely notice a difference! 

Choosing Paint Color

Believe it or not your room color has a huge effect on the mood and brightness within a room! When taking advantage of natural light in your home, every room counts. When painting your home, you should consider painting the rooms and the ceiling a white or very light color. This will help brighten the entire area!

Change Your Light Bulbs 

You may not realize it, but your light bulbs could be a “warm” white, which gives off a darker hue. If you change your light bulbs to a brighter white, you will see and feel a difference right away. This will definitely take advantage of the natural light in your home while also boosting artificial light.

Remove Any Screens 

If your windows have screens, they could be contributing to the darkness within your home. If you remove the thick screens during the winter months, it helps let in as much natural light as possible. Take advantage of any natural light in your home by removing the dark and welcoming in the light!  

Bring the Outside IN 

Do you have any plants sitting outside of your home? Bring them inside for the winter months and it will help bring in that feeling of spring and summer! If you don’t have any outdoor plants, bringing plants or flowers in, will always brighten up your home! 

Slip Covers 

Upgrade any room this holiday season by adding a brightly colored slipcover! If you have dark furniture in your space, add a bright colored slip cover over your couch, loveseat or chair. This will not only make your furniture last longer, but it will help brighten your space! 

Our on-site stylists will always give you suggestions and help you get through these darker months in style. By taking these steps, your mood is boosted and your home is rejuvenated! We are here to provide our expert opinion and help you take advantage of the natural light in your home. When buying slipcovers, or updating any furniture, Howard’s Upholstery is here for the job. 

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Written by hrosenthal-admin