Weather Drapes Not Only Look Great But Also Help Regulate The Temperature Inside

Have you ever sat near the door in a restaurant and felt an inexplicable draft that put a damper on an otherwise pleasant evening out? Or how about in your own home, sitting on the couch in front of a window where cold air seems to constantly trickle inside? Even if the doors and windows in your home or place of business have insulation, that insulation can wear away over time.

Replacing doors and windows is expensive. But you shouldn’t have to live with the chill, either! Weather drapes may be your perfect solution. Weather drapes are curtains made of heavy material that hang alongside windows and doors to block out the drafts, keeping your home, restaurant, or place of business warm in the winter. These drapes also keep the strong heat out in the summer, so your home can stay cool when it’s swelteringly hot outside.

The temperature regulation provided by weather drapes not only keeps you comfortable all year round but also saves energy. Your heat or air conditioning will not have to compete with the outside weather leaking into your home from poorly insulated areas when weather drapes provide that insulation. That makes weather drapes good for the environment, as well as for your energy bill.

Weather drapes come in all sorts of styles and designs, so you can be sure to find a pair that matches your decor. Then, when the weather becomes milder in the spring or fall, you can take them down. They’re decorative, energy-efficient, money-saving, and temperature-regulating; you can’t go wrong with weather drapes!

Written by hrosenthal-admin