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Patio Furniture Cleaning and Storage Tips

Winter is right around the corner, which means it’s likely you’ll be spending a lot less time on your patio in the coming months. That means your patio furniture won’t be getting as much use. If you want to keep your patio furniture in top shape, your best option is to clean it and put… Read more »

How to Remove a Stain from Upholstery

Cleaning Upholstery

There are countless great reasons to have upholstered furniture in your living room, bedroom, and other areas throughout your home. Unfortunately, without the right care upholstery can become worn and dirty over time. One of the worst things that can happen to upholstery is it becoming stained, but this is easily preventable by taking advantage… Read more »

Does Your Home Feel Old?

Retro Furniture

Sometimes it feels that our homes are stuck in time or, better yet, that they’re relics from a bygone era and as we walk from room to room, there are dozens of dust clouds following us; it might even feel like an ecological disaster. While it can be a great thing if your house is… Read more »

Tips for Cleaning Wood Furniture

Professional Furniture Refinishing

Whether you have antique furniture in your home or you just purchased a brand new set, we know you want to keep it as clean as possible. While the specifics of how to clean furniture can vary from piece to piece, there are a few general things you should keep in mind. You can use… Read more »

Lego Furniture in Your Homes

We all remember Legos as a kid or maybe your children played with them. They have come a long way from what many of us remember. The Lego sets you come across in stores are intense, almost like you’re designing and building a city of the future. Each set is loaded with complexities like some… Read more »

Fall Furniture Trends and the Upcoming Days of Darkness

We have dedicated A LOT of posts on this blog to the power of furniture trends. There have certainly been complicated ones, such as multifunctional sofa/dining tables, canvas furniture, flexible bookshelves, and expandable mobile dining units. Now those seem like furniture straight from the future and might be out of your comfort zone, but those… Read more »

Time Travel and Furniture Restoration

On the Howard’s Upholstery blog, we have covered everything from distressing your furniture to the secret art of hand tufting; needless to say, we have covered it all, it seems. We suppose it’s a little bit of a reverse evolutionary process almost, furniture that is. Many people take newish pieces and make them a little… Read more »

Distressing Your Furniture and Telling a Story

When it comes to furniture, there are a variety of trends that go on at the same time, some of which gain more popularity than others. A recent trend that has been gaining some popularity is distressing furniture. If you’re not familiar, this basically means taking a new or relatively modern piece of furniture and… Read more »

The Secret Art of Hand Tufting

Upholstery, like anything that is grounded in aesthetics and pleasure, is often affected by clothes. Looking up upholstery trends on the Internet every now and again and you’re greeted by trends as vicious and vivacious as fashion and food. One such trend that is really shaking the upholstery world is something called hand tufting and… Read more »

This Summer Breathe New Life into Your Furniture

Summer is here…finally, and with it, comes a renewed vigor – sure spring is nice, always being referred to as a time of rejuvenation – I mean, that’s why there are things like spring cleaning – but sometimes it feels like spring is just a sham, meaning that it’s like the minor leagues, merely a… Read more »