Is It Worth It To Reupholster My Couch?

Is it worth it to reupholster my couch?

If you have a sofa in your home that has seen better days, or that you like but can’t stand the color, you may wonder if you can reupholster it to avoid having to purchase a whole new piece. The truth is that there are certain criteria that make a piece of furniture a better candidate for reupholstery, and it’s a good idea to evaluate your couch to make sure it can be reupholstered. Here are a few things to consider when deciding if it’s worth it to reupholster your couch.

1. How Old Is Your Couch?

Believe it or not, the older your couch, the more likely it is worth saving and reupholstering. Furniture that is over ten years old is often built better and sturdier than furniture crafted today, meaning it’s more worth it to reupholster your couch that you’ve had for over a decade than a couch you bought a few years ago. If you don’t know the age of a sofa but it rocks or seems unsturdy in any way, you can bet that it won’t withstand the reupholstering process well and should probably just be replaced.

2. How Is the Frame of Your Couch Constructed?

If the frame of your couch is made of hardwood, that’s a good sign that it is sturdy and made well. Check the joints to make sure they are sturdy and secure. A good way to tell if your couch’s frame is high-quality is how heavy it is to lift. If the couch is very light, it’s probably not the best quality, even if it does have a wooden frame.

3. What Kind of Coils Are In the Frame of Your Couch?

You want the springs of your couch to be coiled and tied with twine. If the springs are in an s-shape or if the couch has rubber panels instead of springs, it’s not as high quality and is not a good reupholstering candidate.

4. Perfect Size and Shape Make It Worth It To Reupholster Your Couch

It could be worth it to reupholster your couch if you like the size and shape, and if it fits your space perfectly. It’s not always easy to find furniture that fits well in your home, especially if it is a unique shape or size, so it’s likely a good idea to hold onto furniture that you otherwise love.

At Howard’s Upholstery, we can evaluate your couch and help you know whether it is worth reupholstering or replacing. Our expert team can reupholster for you or even create a custom piece for your home. No matter your upholstering needs, we’ve got your back!

Written by hrosenthal-admin