Four Reasons Why Custom Furniture is Worth It

When you are setting up your home, you may discover that you can’t find the exact furniture pieces that you are imagining or that perfectly fit your space. This is especially the case if the rooms in your home have nooks or irregular walls and angles. Custom furniture may be your answer, but it can… Read more »

How Do I Pick the Best Bedding Material For a Good Night’s Sleep?

Buying new bedding is exciting – until you start comparing different bedding sets. What do all the different cottons mean? What’s the difference between flannel and microfiber and jersey? What is a “thread-count” and is it important? These questions and more are likely circulating around your brain as you try and pick which bedding set… Read more »

How To Use Fabrics to Add Texture and Warmth in Your Space

With all the home design shows out lately in addition to the pandemic lockdown, many people have taken an interest in decorating their homes with a designed feel. One designer element that keeps being mentioned is adding texture to a space, which helps a space look finished, grounded, and designed. As the weather cools down,… Read more »

5 Ways To Protect Your Upholstery From the Sun

We’re deep in the heat of summer, becoming a pro at knowing just how much sunscreen is enough to rub on without looking like a ghost yet still getting enough coverage. But did you know you need to protect your upholstery from the sun, too? Upholstered and leather furniture are susceptible to sun damage if… Read more »

Top Summer Fabrics for Your Home

So you want to embrace the colors of summer in your home with updated decor, but what about your furniture? You’re obviously not going to buy new furniture every season, but did you know slipcovers and even reupholstering furniture does not have to break the bank? Adding throw pillows and blankets to your couches and… Read more »

Best Fabric Materials for Couches With Kids and Pets

You want a nice couch, but you have young kids or pets at home. Is it possible to have both nice upholstered furniture and pets? Can you have clean couches with kids? We say yes! It all depends on what materials you pick for your upholstery. Some fabrics and textiles hold up better than others… Read more »

Spring Fabrics and Patterns: Using Textiles to Make Your Home Spring Ready

Are you looking to update your home’s decor for the change of season? Switching up textiles in your home is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to freshen up your space for the spring season. Instead of the down comforters, chunky throws, and velvet drapes of winter, you can use material, pattern, and color to… Read more »

How Reupholstering Furniture is Eco-Friendly

As spring rolls in, redecorating might be on your mind. A less expensive way to achieve a new look in your home is to reupholster furniture rather than buy new, but did you know that doing so is also more environmentally friendly? With Earth Day coming up this month, let’s check out all the ways… Read more »

The Benefits of Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

Spring is nearly here and you may be getting into the mood for some spring cleaning. An important part of a thorough home clean is cleaning your furniture, especially those pieces that are upholstered. Though you may think you can just run your vacuum over your couches and spray your curtains with some air freshener,… Read more »