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Brighten the Dark Days of Fall with Light Filtering Curtains

young woman opening light filtering curtains in a bedroom

For the past few months, we have had the luxury the summer sun flowing freely into our homes. But as autumn draws closer, the days get shorter, cooler, and darker. For some, having less light around will affect our mood for the worse. If you’re hoping to combat the moody days of fall and winter… Read more »

Trending: What’s Hot in Draperies for 2017?

Blue Drapery

Is your house feeling a little outdated and in need of a facelift, but you don’t want to spend a ton on performing a complete remodel? Why not update your draperies? It’s surprising how much of a difference swapping out your window treatments can have on the style of your room, and here at Howard’s… Read more »

Stay Warm this Winter With New Window Treatments

During the winter months, we do what we can to keep our homes warm. However, despite our best efforts, sometimes the heat escapes, leaving certain rooms colder than others. To help combat the winter chill, think about adding new window treatments such as blinds, shutters and fabric drapes to help keep heat in and winter… Read more »

Window Treatments Can Improve Energy Efficiency

Fall and winter will soon be upon us, and that means people all across the country will be flipping on their furnaces and doing what they can to keep their homes warm. Most will also be doing what they can to make sure the heat doesn’t escape their homes either. One way to make sure… Read more »

Top Trends in Window Treatments

When you’re renovating a home or just want to add in some updated design and décor options, window treatments should be on your list. You may be surprised at how different a room will feel once you’ve added a new window treatment! Plus, if you work with the professionals at Howard’s Upholstery, window treatments can… Read more »