The Secret Art of Hand Tufting

Upholstery, like anything that is grounded in aesthetics and pleasure, is often affected by clothes. Looking up upholstery trends on the Internet every now and again and you’re greeted by trends as vicious and vivacious as fashion and food. One such trend that is really shaking the upholstery world is something called hand tufting and… Read more »

This Summer Breathe New Life into Your Furniture

Summer is here…finally, and with it, comes a renewed vigor – sure spring is nice, always being referred to as a time of rejuvenation – I mean, that’s why there are things like spring cleaning – but sometimes it feels like spring is just a sham, meaning that it’s like the minor leagues, merely a… Read more »

Summer Is All about Upholstery

It has been often said that upholstery and reupholstery projects increase in the spring and summer. Maybe the warmer temperatures and crisper air bring out an unexpected upholstery enthusiasm out of the brain. Or maybe it’s as simple as a case of ‘more relaxation equals more creativity.’ Or maybe spring-cleaning fever is a real thing… Read more »

How to Clean Upholstery

No matter how nice your upholstered furniture is, a single spot or stain can ruin its entire look. Fortunately, upholstery can be cleaned if the proper steps are taken. The important thing is to work quickly and not to allow stains and debris to build up on the furniture. By paying attention to your furniture… Read more »

Size Matters with Upholstery

As we reach an age of minimalism and a time where wasting electricity or taking up more space than you should is a bad thing, we also start to see some interesting trends with upholstery. The trends make sense, but when you hear someone say that size does matter in this case, they are actually… Read more »

Future of Furniture Stores Online?

It’s no surprise that Ikea, one of the biggest furniture store giants in the world, has been spreading out into the web and trying to push for furniture sales that are through the roof. But interestingly enough was a comment that one of the Ikea representatives said: the future for furniture is online. It’s certainly… Read more »

Reclaiming Moldy Pieces

Old and antique furniture pieces can be beautiful pieces, but when they are touched by mold or mildew, it can be difficult to even get near them. Too often, owners of a treasured heirloom piece decide to consign their treasures to the trash heap instead of put in the work to keep them looking fresh…. Read more »

Affecting Room Atmosphere

Customers who commission furniture upholstery work through Howard’s Upholstery are often very surprised at the results they can enjoy. Giving a sofa or couch a new fabric covering layer for others to view or sit upon breathes new life into the furniture piece and adds many years to its service life. Homeowners can even utilize… Read more »

Fall Home Décor Trends

When modern furniture was just being introduced as a new thing into the homes of traditional families, one style was the only way to go. There were multiple styles to choose from, but your home always had to be just one style. Today, however we see people changing the style and look of their homes… Read more »

Furniture Fabric Inspired by Art

Matisse isn’t the only artist in the world to see fabrics for couches and other furniture being modeled after some of his works, but he is one of the most popular these days. It all comes down to creating the perfect room with a theme or colors in mind. That means one thing that brings… Read more »